Synopsis Edit

One day while her husband was away, a young mother, Anne, was giving her 7-year-old daughter, Shannon, a bath. Anne's 5-year-old son, Jason, was watching and playing with his infant brother, 3-month old Scott, in the living room while their mother and sister were in the bathroom. While playing with him, Jason discovered a soft spot on Scott's head. Being only five and not knowing any better, Jason pushed the soft spot and his finger ended up going into Scott's brain, killing him instantly.

In a blind panic, the terrified Jason raced outside and into the street, only to be run over by a truck. Anne, hearing the commotion, and ran into the living room and saw Scott dead on the floor. Too upset to speak, she ran outside to find Jason and saw what had happened to him. Screaming and sobbing, Anne ran back inside and called 911 and after hanging up, she suddenly remembered that she had left Shannon in the tub, so she ran upstairs and was horrified to find that Shannon had drowned.

Variation Edit

  • The story takes place in either one of the World Wars. The woman's husband is fighting in the war and she is bathing her two babies when the doorbell rings. She runs to answer it, but falls down the stairs and breaks her neck. The person at the door is a mailman coming to inform her that her husband was killed in action. He enters the house, finds the woman dead, goes upstair,s and finds that one of the babies pulled a radio into the bahtub, electrocuting both of them.

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