Synopsis Edit

Every day for 30 years, Carl, an office worker, would play the lottery and would play with the exact same numbers: 16, 21, 97, 38, 66, and 75; he played it so much that he and his wife, Darlene, both knew the numbers by heart. And for 30 years, they had almost no luck whatsoever. Darlene attempted to persuade Carl to give up on playing the lottery, but he steadfastly refused, believing that their luck would change one day.

One day, while Darlene was visiting her old college friend in a neighboring town, Carl was relaxing on his day off, waiting for the news to come on so the winning numbers would come up. Finally, at 6, the news came on and Carl, lottery ticket in hand, waited patiently for the numbers.

Soon, the numbers came up and Carl was stunned at what he saw. The winning numbers were 16, 21, 97, 38, 66, and 75! Carl's 30-year losing streak was over and he and Darlene had just won $87,000,000. Carl was so jubilated, so triumphant, so excited, and so happy that he pinched himself to make sure he was not dreaming.

Before he could start thinking of ways to spend the money and other things, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and lost consciousness before he realize what was happening to him. The amount of shock and excitement in his body was too much for his heart to handle and the result was a massive heart attack that killed him right there on the spot.

When Darlene returned home a week later and discovered her husband's decomposing body, the dateline to cash the ticket had passed, rendering it null and void.

Variation Edit

  • The man decides not to buy a ticket and is horrified when his numbers come up. Guilty and angry with himself for wasting so much money over the years, only to miss the biggest opportunity of his life, he commits suicide.