Synopsis Edit

After four long years, Daniel was finally getting ready to graduate from college and his family was extremely proud of him. Although he would be showered with gifts since his parents were very wealthy, there was only one gift he had in mind: a Ford Shelby Mustang convertible that he had been admiring for some time and he made it clear to his father that he really wanted the car.

Finally, the morning of Graduation Day, his father, Harold, asked to speak with him privately in his study and so Daniel did. Harold told Daniel how proud he was of him and how lucky he was to have such a great and smart son, then gave him a leather-bound Bible, saying, "Here's my gift."

Angry, Daniel rose up and yelled, "With all your money, you just give me a Bible?! I already have a Bible!" He threw the Bible and the floor and was about to storm out when his father stopped him.

"This is a Bible box. Your gift was inside." Harold said as he opened it and pulled out what was inside.

It was the keys to a new Ford Shelby Mustang convertible and the tag had the name of the dealer who had the car, the date of Daniel's graduation, and also had the words, "PAID IN FULL."

Daniel was so flustered and guilty that he tried to apologize, but the hurt and angry Harold threw the keys out the window and told Daniel to leave, as he was disowned for being so ungrateful.

Daniel never saw Harold again, nor did he ever get his convertible.

Variations Edit

  • The graduate storms out and doesn't speak to his father ever again. His father passes away sometime later and the son is collecting his father's things when he discovers the keys.
  • The son feels so guilty for what he did that he skips the graduation ceremony and later commits suicide that night.