Synopsis Edit

Martin, a cement truck driver, was driving through his neighborhood one day when he saw a bright red Chevrolet Corvette convertible sitting in his driveway. Curious as to why there was such a flashy car in his driveway, he pulled over and saw his wife, Lorraine, in the living room talking to a strange man.

Martin's blood boiled as he became convinced that Lorraine was having an affair. Deciding to get even, he dumped a huge load of cement into the beautiful Corvette. As he was preparing to drive off, Lorraine caught him and ran outside, screaming, "What the hell are you doing?!"

Martin then attempted to confront her about her having an affair, but the furious Lorraine explained to him that she was not having an affair and that the Corvette was actually his; an anniversary gift to him from her. She had been scrimping and saving for nine long years to buy him his dream car and that the man she was talking to was the salesman, who was dropping off the car.

The horrified Martin immediately felt guilt, shame, and remorse. He attempted to apologize, but Lorraine slapped him, stormed back inside, packed her things, and went to her sister's. She later filed for divorce, sued him for the cost of the Corvette, and won.

Variations Edit

  • The car is a Porsche, Mustang convertible, Cadillac convertible, Jaguar, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz.
  • It's the wife dumping the cement in the car.
  • The wife doesn't catch him in the act.
  • The couple do not divorce, but go to counseling.