Status: False.

The LegendEdit

The Slenderman is a mythical entity who stalks the woods, abducting children and leaving notes. More information about Slenderman can be found here.

The OriginEdit

There are many origins about the Slenderman. It was said that he was a normal person at one point. (Hence his suit.) 


Slenderman has NO face, and just has a bald, grey head. The Slenderman wears a suit, and has tentacles coming from his back. 

Effect On Electronic EquiptmentEdit

For some odd reason, whenever Slenderman is seen on camera, the screen will blurr and twitch. Static will appear on the screen, and strange buzzing sounds will come from the speakers.

True or False?Edit

It is said that Slenderman is true, but many more believe that Slenderman is false.