This urban legend is probably one of the most well-known urban legends. There are a lot of variations of the tale, but they always contain the same points: A man/woman travels out of town on business and hooks up with a stranger, who ends up drugging them. They wake up hours later in a tub of ice to find stitched up incisions on their side where their kidneys are located. These strangers steal the kidney to sell on the black market for transplants.

Real-Life OccurrencesEdit

As creepy as this urban legend may sound, there have been times when it has actually happened to people in real-life. One example is the case of 33 year-old Indian construction worker Mohammad Saleem. 

In 2008, Saleem agreed to take on a high-paying construction job in New Delhi, and was told by the employers to wait in a specific New Delhi bungalow. The employers never showed up, and after a few days of waiting, two masked men broke into the home and forcibly drugged Saleem, knocking him out. Saleem woke up sometime later on a metal gurney with a shooting pain in the right side of his abdomen. Saleem's abductors told him they removed his kidney and threatened him not to tell anyone about it. 

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