A tragic story that starts with a man, fed-up with modern day technology -- his new computer. Angry, he waits 45 minutes on hold for technical surport before he finally gets a human being on the phone. He says he just received this infernal machine in the mail, and he has spent hours trying to get it to print a simple document.

The tech support woman is glad to help, but the call will cost him 40 dollars plus three dollars a minute, the woman asks what type of error message he keeps getting, and he hits a key and reads it out to her. When she hears it, she regrets to inform him that it's a hardware error, and unfixable remotely. The customer, infuriated demands that they should send someone over to fix it right away, but the woman explains they are technical support mail retailers, they don't have repair technicians. If he wants his computer fixed he will have to return it to the manufacturer in Malaysia. That does it, the customer unloads on the service tech, demanding the full name and information about the person so he can sue. Offended by his abuse, she hangs up on him and she goes on to the next call. In rage beyond reason, he vows that he's not going to let her get away with this.

The next day the tech support woman is on the phone, as usual offering help three dollars a minute, when she receives a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer; even the staff notices this, she reads the card but there is no signature, only, "For Someone Who Deserves It."

For the rest of the afternoon, she's the star of the office with everyone wondering who her bashful new boy may be.

By day's end, she's on a high, and she gathers her things to go home, hoping that her mystery man will make himself known.

As she exits the office, he soon does, but unfortunately for her, he's not an admirer, he's the angry customer, with a sniper rifle.

Only knowing her first name and where she worked at, he identified her with a bouquet of flowers.

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