A flying rod caught on camera.


Rods are mysterious stick shape entites which have a wide variety in size and move to fast to be detected by the naked eyes regularly.

What are RodsEdit

Many have theorized Rods to be extra dimensional entities as they have been seen by camera shifting in and out of space. Some think they may be studying us because a lot of the sightings were near places of significant political importance, places of heavy comercial or cargo traffic or near research labs and parks. They have stick shaped bodies with spiral wave like wings. Sizes of rods based off video footage ranged from 1 to 100ft long. Some say there were once pre-historic animals even before the dinosaurs that had a similar appearance to rods The extra dimensional theories have further back up as some researchers have set up large nets were cameras had captured sightings of them before and the rods seemed to faze through the net and when they checked rthe net for remains there was nothing.