Malin Kudang is an Indonesian urban legend story.

The PlotEdit

In a small village, there lives a mother and her son Malin Kundang. Her son's everyday life is getting fish and sell to the other people in the village (also known as he was a fisherman). One day, while Malin Kudang is selling more fishes, he saw the pirates attacking the village. He gone to the ship and defeat all the pirates. Everybody proud of him eventually his mother. Few years later, he grew up to be rich, married by a princess and also own a ship. As he return to the village, he forget his mother and said "Who are you?"

Her mother said "I'm your mother, please come back to our village."

Then he said "Hahaha... I did not have a mother like you. So ugly and smelly."

As the ship sail away, his mother "doa" (means praying for Islamics) to curse her son. Her son now remembers the mother and died by lightning shocked and turn him and his ship to stone.

In Real CultureEdit

You can see Malin Kundang's stone (a.k.a Batu Malin Kundang) at Indonesia. When your in a famous Indonesian beach, you can see the stone sculpture of Malin Kundang on the right side. You can see him begging down and all the ship cracked to piles including the barrels, logs and the rope.

Which is located at Pantai Putih Manis (Sweet White Beach).

To see the real picture of the stone sculpture.