Ants In The BrainAren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light?Athelstone Murders
Basement RoomBlind MaidenBreast Infection
Buried AliveBuried Man in Burbank, CACanadian Invisible Shell-wearing Coconut Crab
Candle CoveCarmen WinsteadChicago's Candyman
Cockroach in the TubCouple Dies Because Of Eating Fried RiceDead Boyfriend
Dial R for RevengeFqqGPcGaUcPRUG
Girlfriends Tragic AccidentHalloween Stunt Goes WrongHiding Behind a Car Door Protects You in a Gunfight
High Babysitter Microwaves BabyHikiko-SanHumans can lick too!
In the Air Tonight is About a DrowningJon "Squeakers the Clown" FerroKid Drowns Looking For Spongebob
KuronekoKyrieLove Rollercoaster Scream
M&Ms Are Cockroach CoatedMC Donald's 100% BeefMain Page
Malin Kundang (a.k.a Si Tanggang)Meikyou Oni WarabeMountain Dew Shrinks your Testicles
Okiku DollOne Winged ManPINed Hopes
Paul is DeadPenny Brown is MissingPhantom Vehicle
Poltergeist CursePolybiusPop Rocks and Soda Killed Little Mikey
Rock of MisfortuneRodsSchala Lives
Shooting the Gas Tank Blows it UpSlendermanSmily
Spongebob Bootleg TapeTech Support Call Gone WrongTeke Teke
TeketekeThe Baby in the High ChairThe Babysitter And The Man Upstairs
The Ball PitThe BlizzardThe Boyfriend's Revenge
The Child in the TrunkThe Clown UpstairsThe Columbine Killers made DOOM Levels based on their School
The Curiously Realistic DecorationThe Dead Body Under Your MatressThe Exploding Cactus
The Fatal HairdoThe Funhouse MummyThe Hands Resist Him
The Haunted FloorThe JinmenkenThe Kidney Heist
The Killer CopThe Killer In The Back SeatThe Killer in the Window
The Knife In The BriefCaseThe Little Boy who got his Penis cut offThe Living Billboard
The M&M Rainbow of TerrorThe Microwaved PetThe Officer's Tragic Mistake
The Person That WaitsThe RakeThe Red Room Curse
The Revenge of the GroomThe SlendermanThe Slit-Mouthed Woman
The Smith Sisters: Murdered AnonymouslyThe Solid Sports CarThe Spurned Gift
The StairsThe Unlucky Lottery WinnerThe Wizard of Oz suicide
The chocking Doberman PinscherThe hookThey Hurt Her Carmen Winstead
They hurt herThey hurt her1Three Dead Kids
Three Men and a Baby GhostUrban Legend Books & Online Sites / ReferencesWife Swap Affair
Woman's Insides Baked From Tanning Bed
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