Status: False

The Legend: A kid was on a boat when she thought they saw a pineapple in the water and said "Bye-Bye! I'm going to see Spongebob!" and jumped into the water, and drowned.

The E-Mail: :0 grab a hold of your barnacles because you are about to loose your pants!

"Sponge Bob Square Pants is being cancelled. A three yr old, on a cruise ship w/ his parents, finishes breakfast and announces he is going to see 'Sponge Bob'. His parents, thinking that he is going down to the cabin to watch TV agree that that is a good idea. The child proceeds to jump over the rail and drown in his attempt to visit Sponge Bob's who 'lives in a pineapple under the sea'." Don't worry though, Spongebob isn't going to be cancelled. This is from 2002.