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Synopsis Edit

The story goes that a hippy went over to a neighbor's house to take care of their baby while they were out. Once the baby was put to bed, the babysitter proceeded to get high off of a hallucinogenic drug, typically LSD. Later, when the parents called to check in, the babysitter responded: "Oh, fine, everything's great. The turkey's in the oven." The parents were glad to hear this until they suddenly recalled that they didn't have a turkey at home. Upon returning, they found the babysitter freaking out and, in the oven, their baby cooked to death.

Variations Edit

  • The babysitter is said to be on a non-hallucinogenic drug, such as weed or scotch.
  • The babysitter deliberately puts the baby in the oven to stop its crying.
  • The couple has never met the babysitter before.
  • The baby crawls into the oven pan that's in the oven and the babysitter is too busy talking on the phone to notice and closes the oven door and turns it on.

Source Edit article on Microwaved Baby