Synopsis Edit

Ryan and Kelly were a young working couple hoping to get married. Ryan was the assistant manager of a Target and Kelly was a traveling businesswoman. One day, Kelly told Ryan that she had to go to Paris for a month-long business trip. Later that evening, the two bid each other farewell and Kelly took off for France.

The next day, Ryan tried to call Kelly, but discovered that she wasn't at the one hotel in Paris that she said she would be in. After a little investigating, Ryan discovered that she was actually in Puerto Rico... with another guy.

The furious Ryan proceeded to send her some extremely vulgar text messages, then packed him stuff and left, vowing to never speak to her again.

When Kelly returned a month later, she found Ryan and his stuff gone and the note from him explaining that he knew about her cheating. Completely unfazed, Kelly just said, "oh well" and went to call her new boyfriend, only to discover that her phone was off the hook. Picking it up, she heard some strange language on the other end, so she just disconnected the call and thought nothing of it when the dial tone returned.

A week later, Kelly got her phone bill and was shocked to see that on it were charges for a call to the continuous time, temperature, and weather information in Tokyo, Japan, which was made the day after she left. The charge for the 29-day long distance phone call was $85,000.

Variations Edit

  • It's a girl doing it to a guy.
  • The cheater tells the boy/girlfriend that he/she has to go visit his/her ill mother or other relative.
  • The time the cheater is away is 2-3 weeks.
  • The cheater tells his/her boy/girlfriend that they are cheating and that they are kicking the other person out so their new lover can move in.
  • The city that is called is Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, or other Asian city.

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