Status: Uknown/Not confirmed.

Cockroach in the tub is an urban myth originating southwest. According to the legend, an old couple moves to a new house, to discover that there is a 4-foot cockroach resting in the bathtub.

It is unknown whether the myth is true or not. 

The LegendEdit

Mr. and Mrs. Evans just loved their new house. A turn-of-the-century craftsman on their small town’s Main Street, the house seemed perfect for them. Until they moved in.

The first night, Mr. Evans awoke at 3 am. Something was scratching at the walls. Scritch scritch scritch. He went up to the attic, but found nothing.

Soon his wife sat up. “What’s that noise?”

“I’m not sure, dear,” he answered. Together they walked down the upstairs hallway. Scritch scritch scritch. The sound became louder, more insistent. At the end of the hall, they found a little-used bathroom. They hadn’t gone inside since the inspection.

“Stay here,” Mr. Evans told his wife. He opened the door and dropped his cane in horror.

There, in the tub, sat a cockroach 4 feet long.

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